About Torbay Intelligence

We are Torbay Intelligence

Torbay Intelligence was founded by people whose personal and professional lives straddle the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Who want to use that experience, expertise and network to support others.

We help small and medium sized companies with business relations across Europe. We help them navigate the difficult waters of Brexit and separate the useful from the noise by using information, intelligence and hard data. What is happening in the UK? What is important and what isn’t?

We produce reports looking at big and small picture issues, run seminars and provide a unique blend of expertise and networking.

Lennard van Otterloo

Lennard has worked at the boundary between technology, politics, communication and economics for almost 20 years.

His career started at Nederland Kennisland, the Amsterdam-based think tank that aimed to put the concept of the knowledge economy on the Dutch political agenda. This was achieved a few years later when several of the major parties had included paragraphs on the knowledge economy in their party manifestos.

After six years at Nederland Kennisland he moved to London to work in PR and corporate communications on global industry and technology accounts, from oil & gas and renewables to cybersecurity and online platforms.

Another six years later he founded a consultancy business providing marketing and strategic consultancy to tech startups, including taking up a number of senior executive roles.

He is a weekly Brexit columnist for Dutch entrepreneur magazine De Ondernemer and regular Brexit commentator in Dutch media.

Lennard was raised in The Hague and now lives in West London.

Philip Eisenhart

Philip has worked in the business of politics for over 20 years.

His career started with the formation of a business that helped the New Statesman Magazine produce policy supplements, bringing together key stakeholders from industry and government. The roundtable debates focused on issues as varied as new consumerism and the future of new media to sector specific issues like transport and manufacturing. He sold the company to Parliamentary Communications Ltd. and soon became part of a management buy-out of their Scottish operation.

Then the opportunity to work in Scotland and be part of the creation of Scottish Parliament suddenly presented itself when he became a partner at Holyrood Communications, a company formed to build the communications infrastructure around the newly formed Scottish body politic. This involved producing the in-house magazine for the Parliament and producing a multitude of events to tackle policy issues.

After six years in Edinburgh he moved back to London and started to work for Dods, the oldest political organisation known in the UK, set up in 1832 after the Great Reform Act. He started there as director of creative solutions, providing communications solutions for both organisations looking to influence government to government trying to influence organisations and the public.

At Dods, Philip became MD of the Parliament division - the side of the business that developed engagement and media tools for open and transparent communications with Parliament.

After leaving his role at Dods for personal reasons he became a consultant, first to Dods and then to a number of private and voluntary organisations, worked on a contract basis for No.10 Downing Street and also took a year out to write a book (to be published soon…hopefully).

Philip was raised in West London and now lives near The Hague.

About the name Torbay Intelligence

In 1688 a group of English parliamentarians were getting increasingly uncomfortable with King James II. They formed a union with Dutch stadtholder William III, Prince of Orange, who was James's nephew and son-in-law. Upon the request of the parliamentarians the Dutch fleet and army invaded Great Britain and overthrew King James II. After the Declaration of Rights leading to the Bill of Rights of 1689, the Prince of Orange ascended the throne as William III of England with his wife, Mary II, the daughter of James II.

This ‘Glorious Revolution’ resulted in economic integration and military co-operation between the English and the Dutch, ended a series of 17th century Anglo-Dutch wars and laid the basis for the dominance in world trade by Great Britain that would follow.

The Dutch fleet invaded Great Britain in the Devon town of Torbay.

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