Our services


Working effectively across borders requires the cultivation of the right relationships. Torbay Intelligence knows the pan-European business landscape. We help businesses identify key individuals and help build relationships that provide the right environment to find mutual opportunity. Whether because or despite of Brexit, we help businesses on the Continent to expand to the UK and businesses in the UK to expand to the Continent.


Torbay Intelligence provides advice to its clients to achieve specific business goals, from start-up advice through to exit strategies. Underlying our advice is the firm belief a company does well by doing good. We promote responsible solutions to adding value to a business' bottom line while looking after its community and environment.


Torbay Intelligence provides insightful primary research for organisations seeking to gain a deep understanding of any issue, from business challenges posed by Brexit to customer satisfaction surveys and perception audits. We design research tasks that are deliberative and outcome orientated. We present our findings to clients to maximise their knowledge of an issue and provide counsel on how best to address it.

Beyond Brexit

Our Beyond Brexit Service is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands and the UK understand how Brexit impacts on their business. We produce hard data to support a series of events and reports tackling the key concerns and opportunities Brexit poses this vital business community.


We prepare businesses for challenges and opportunities ahead. Whether a company is a small agency or a medium-sized manufacturer, change can be seen as scary. We work with owners, management and team to focus on a positive approach using training methods tailored to specific desired outcomes.